ComAcross is a project that supported Department of Veterinary Medicince, Faculty of Agriculture, NUoL for doing research on Parasitic Food-Borne Disease (PFBD) or parasitic zoonosis in Southern Laos.


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The meeting took place one day on December 11.2017 at precedence of national university office. This meeting was stared at 9: 00 am till 5: 00 pm, and more than 30 of participants from 6 ministries including ministry of public health, army, culture and tourism, environment, education and ministry of agriculture and forestry were joined. This meeting aim was finding the new agency to support the work or activities that still left in the plans, but that day we didn’t get any new agency. All participants agree that project was very helpful because the research focus on “One Health” (human health, animal health and the environment health). Moreover, it’s helping the practicing of vet students especially working with communities, sampling and analyzing. However, the project is still finding a new partner, and really hope will get one soon.

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